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Homes for Sale in Sahuarita AZ

Sahuarita Real Estate

Sahuarita, Arizona emerges south of Tucson real estate, off route 19. Sahuarita hugs the Green Valley region on a northern edge and has its origins in ranch land that was established early in the area’s history. The town of Sahuarita took on the ranch’s name, one that reflects the bounty of saguaros in the region. The town remained a very small, quaint stop for some time. Although, Sahuarita real estate underwent development around the mid 20th century.

Homes for sale in Sahuarita AZ appear in several neighborhoods built around the small town center. These neighborhoods include Presidios at Rancho Sahuarita and Santa Rita Villas. They include Mesquite Heights,Valley Verde Del Norte and others.

Sahuarita AZ provides a conducive environment for the production of pecans. In fact, pecan groves cover a significant portion of the area. Not surprisingly, Sahuarita provides homes in proximity to the groves and hosts pecan festivals. It prizes its orchard of mature trees that were grown after a downturn in cotton production in the mid-20th century. Sahuarita may even host the largest pecan orchard in the world that spans over about 6000 acres and about 106,000 trees.

Some Sahuarita real estate provides lovely views of the orchard and pleasing glimpses of the nearby Santa Rita Mountains. Homes for sale in Sahuarita AZ often attract prospective Southern Arizona buyers with idyllic views. Available homes often attract buyers with plenty of quality, style and affordability amid a community brimming in small town charm.

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An airstrip once used by the military now serves as a road leading to Sahuarita Park and the Edge Charter School. The airstrip, including its associated air force base in the region was released to the state late in the 20th century.  Sahuarita took advantage of some of the old air force base locations and had the park and school built, expanding and enhancing the community’s amenities.

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